Shakespear Regional Park Community Ranger Bruce Harrison on the new Ubco e-bike.

Rangers at Shakespear Open Sanctuary are now getting around the park on an e-bike and are enjoying the silence of the new ride.

Open Sanctuary senior ranger Matt Maitland says the Ubco electric bike was purchased recently from Gatmans Mowers&More in Silverdale, as part of regular upgrades of the park fleet. They cost around $8000 each.

The quad bikes, which have been used up until now, have been phased out.

Matt says as well as making it easy to get around the park, the electric bike, which is designed for off-road riding, is more environmentally friendly.

He says that the New Zealand-made model costs around 80 cents to recharge and can cover a range of 100km.

As published in the Hibiscus Matters February 2017 edition

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