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When portable power is required for farming, industrial work, camping, emergency services or domestic use, look no further than Honda’s extensive range of quality portable generators.

Designed and built with user convenience and environmental impact in mind, Honda generators feature advanced four-stroke engines for strong performance and fewer emissions. All Honda generators feature Honda’s easy start technology for hassle-free starting even after long periods in storage and operate on standard unleaded fuel.

NZ$3,799.00 incl. GST

  • Commercial quality
  • Reduced noise with large muffler
  • Large fuel tank capacity 24 L
  • AC/DC circuit breakers & oil alert
  • NB Battery not included in price.

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NZ$2,249.00 incl. GST

  • maximum 1000W/240 volt
  • Lightweight 13kg
  • 275 gal./min. capacity
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 2.3 Litres

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NZ$2,759.00 incl. GST

  • 8500 Watt Max
  • 12V 8A DC Output
  • AVR Consistent Clean Power
  • 13+ Hour Operation
  • Trade panel with RCD safety

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NZ$1,265.00 incl. GST

  • 2kVa (240V AC) Clean Power
  • 1800W Running / 2000W Max
  • 12V 8.3A DC Output
  • 4+ Hour Op Span @ 100%
  • (2) 15A Outlets

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NZ$1,794.00 incl. GST

  • 3.5kVa CleanPower
  • 12V 8.3A DC Output
  • 5+ Hour Op @100%
  • 50-58dBA Noise Rating
  • (2) 15A Outlets

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NZ$2,299.00 incl. GST

  • 240V AC Clean Power
  • 3800W Running
  • 12V 8A DC Output
  • Suitable for sensitive electronics
  • 13+ Hour Operating

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NZ$1,499.00 incl. GST

  • 240V AC Clean Power
  • 5000W Running
  • 12V 8A DC Output
  • AVR Clean Power
  • 14+ Hour Operating

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NZ$2,899.00 incl. GST

  • Maximum 2200W/240 volt
  • Lightweight 21kg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 3.6 Litres
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Continuous Op hrs15 hours

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NZ$8,649.00 incl. GST

  • 32amp plug: 7.0kVA
  • Electric start with back-up
  • Quiet operation
  • 5 Year Dom Warranty
  • Standard EU70 - $7699

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